Prices of theses, what and how much does it cost?

With the prices of diploma theses is like the prices of many other products or services – they are very diverse. Students, entering in the search engine “Bachelor’s thesis price”, want to check how much it costs to write a thesis or bachelor’s thesis. We compared market prices and checked what affects rates.

What determines the cost of writing a thesis?

The price of help in writing an engineering or master’s thesis is from $ 15 to 50 / page, on average 30 $ / page. The standard price of the master’s thesis is therefore $ 1,500. In return, you will receive a correctly written 60 page research work, with a title page, a table of contents, a bibliography and annexes.

You will certainly find cheaper and more expensive offers, but you must know what the price of the work depends on, because it is of great importance. The cost of work is affected by:

1. The writer’s experience. An editor with a university degree, who has already helped write a dozen or so papers, will certainly expect a higher payment than a freshly minted master.

2. Form of activity. If you are commissioning help in writing a job to a company that employs editors and pays taxes, it will certainly be slightly more expensive, but in return you will receive an invoice, a deadline and quality guarantee, and expert advice. Private individuals tend to offer lower rates, but they are also more anonymous and less reliable.

3. The scope of work, popularity and difficulty of the topic. If you have chosen a complicated, niche topic, count on the fact that the price of such work will be higher. Master’s thesis and its price will be higher than the cost of writing a BA thesis, but lower than, for example, engineering. The most expensive are bachelor and master theses written in foreign languages, especially less popular, for example Norwegian, Dutch or Danish.

4. Uniqueness. There are companies on the market that sell finished jobs at a lower price, it is enough to provide data in them. However, you have to reckon with the fact that this engineering or master’s thesis could already have been sold to other students several times, that is, it has ceased to be unique and you may be accused of plagiarism.

5. Place of residence. In a smaller city, you can certainly find a person who will help you write a job for a fraction of what an editor from Warsaw or Wrocław will offer. The region does not matter on the Internet – prices are standardized.

Engineering work cost – is more expensive better?

Even if you pay a high price for writing a job, you may find that its quality is average or even below average. It all depends on whether you hit a professional and specialist in your field. You never have a guarantee that the work will be great and accepted by the promoter, but it is better to trust proven people and companies that already have a reputation in the market and experience writing jobs for students from various universities.