The diploma thesis is a scientific text written by a specialist for specialists, therefore it must meet certain standards. Universities usually set the following requirements:

  • • substantive,
  • • regulations,
  • • formal,
  • • editorial.

Bachelor thesis substantive requirements

Substantive requirements inform what work should contain (problem definition, research methods, analytical tools, conclusions, etc.). The work should broaden the knowledge on a given topic and be written according to the logical course of the arguments. If you want to get the highest grade, you need to remember about properly conducted empirical research and their comprehensive interpretation, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the literature on the subject and an innovative approach to the problem under investigation.

Bachelor’s thesis requirements

These types of requirements determine what type of text should be the work, whether it is subject to review, who it is directed and whether it is subject to defense during the exam, and if so, how should the defense process proceed.

Bachelor’s thesis formal requirements

Promoters and reviewers pay special attention to formal and editorial requirements. The correct layout of the work, the division into the introduction, chapters and ending, as well as the list of literature given in alphabetical order, list of tables, drawings and attachments is very important.

Bachelor’s thesis editing requirements

The university determines what format the font should be, how many cm should be: line spacing (interline), margins (top, bottom, right and left), paragraphs, and how should pages, charts or tables be numbered.

Master’s thesis – requirements

The substantive, statutory, formal and editorial requirements in the master’s thesis are, as a rule, nothing different from those set for the bachelor’s theses. Remember that before you submit your ready work to the dean’s office, you need to check the page after page if it meets all the requirements. Sometimes you can easily overlook the “trifles” that affect the look of your work, so make sure that the spaces between lines are equal, uniform bullets, the titles of all chapters and sub-sections written in the same font, and there are no empty spaces on the pages.